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AW: [xmlblaster-devel] Sourceforge debate (was Re: Browser callbacks with XMLBlaster)

Why changing a running system?
I can't see the advantages of changing to Sourceforge.
I often tried to understand their workflow, but I failed.

Maybe there are some developers, who spend a lot of time and understand
Sourceforge very well. But this is not valid for all developers.
My credo is: never touch a running system, even if you have many more

But the UserGuide ist a very good idea ;-)


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> Betreff: [xmlblaster-devel] Sourceforge debate (was Re: Browser
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> Marcel wrote:
> >Michele.Laghi at swisscom.com wrote:
> >
> >>I think that having an own server and an own homepage is always 
> an advantage. Anyway SourceForge is centralized and always a good 
> page on which to start searching for Open Source projects. For 
> that reason I think it would be a good idea to be present there 
> too (for example JBoss has its own page and is present on 
> SourceForge too). So I personally would prefere to keep our 
> project where it is but at the same time publish and make it 
> available on SourceForge.
> >>
> I completely agree with this.... my experience has been that my search 
> for MOM (especially firewall-friendly MOM) took a lot longer than it 
> might have if you had been on Sourceforge.  That is generally my first 
> stop, and they always have something!
> I also feel as though the development community is more likely to find 
> out about it and contribute to it if it's on Sourceforge.  One reason is 
> that people are used to contributing to Sourceforge projects, so the 
> details of the workflow activities are known and familiar.
> >If somebody is willing to do it, it is possibly a good idea.
> >I heared Sourceforge has a compile farm with all OS you can think of
> >this would be nice to test our C++ clients.
> >Probably they even have some Windows boxes which i never
> >could test on :-)
> I've never used the compile farm for client-side stuff, so I don't know 
> how that works.
> I may be willing and able to spend a little time on this move in the 
> next week or two, depending on my level of success and speed in using 
> XMLBlaster on my paying gig!  I would need a good deal of guidance and 
> pointers to where everything is, how it's structured, etc. on your 
> current site, but I'd be happy to do a good bit of the grunt work of 
> moving and organizing things, if I have the time.
> In the meantime, I'll be trying to pick your brains in order to use 
> XMLBlaster for the paying gig.  Perhaps I'll take notes and start 
> putting together a User's Guide.  Knowing me, however, I won't :-(
>   Ben