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Re: AW: [xmlblaster-devel] Sourceforge debate (was Re: Browser callbacks with XMLBlaster)

Konrad Krafft wrote

I often tried to understand their [sourceforge] workflow, but I failed.

Same for me :-)

Maybe there are some developers, who spend a lot of time and understand
Sourceforge very well. But this is not valid for all developers.
My credo is: never touch a running system, even if you have many more

5 developers -> 5 opinions :-)
What now?
What about a sourceforge entry which directly links to our homepage,
if mail or cvs is necessery to setup on sourceforge then only as a
mirror of our master server.

On the other hand who really cares about the 'quantitiy' of xmlBlaster users,
i personally prefer a smaller 'high qualitiy' xmlBlaster community.
In future xmlBlaster is included in more an more business and life critical applications
so we should really take care on quality and stability.

But the UserGuide ist a very good idea ;-)

5 developers -> ONE opinion -> no volunteer ;-)