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[xmlblaster-devel] JMX open issues

Hi Peter,

i have just had a look at your impressive contribution, good work!

You mention two open issues in your REQ:

* It is not possible to manipulate the runlevels in XmlBlaster to a halt or stop,
since that will invoke System.exit which will take down the whole JBoss server to

This we are looking at already.

* It is currently no possible to "hot-redeploy" the XmlBlaster ear by copying
a new version over the old because XmlBlaster does not close all its
open sockes before it returns controll to the closing thread,
which means it will not be possible to restart all the drivers.

This is a more complicated topic.
Depending on the bugs in the used protocol drivers we can't close the sockets.
- CORBA: If trying to shutdown JacORB, a reinitializing of the ORB fails.
- RMI: How to stop all those sockets and threads??
- XmlRpc: The Webserver does not shutdown properly.
Only our SOCKET protocol driver is currently able to stop everything.

If you only activate SOKET  'hot deploy' should work, can you confirm?