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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] JMX open issues

On 19 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> i have just had a look at your impressive contribution, good work!

Thanks. I hope to be able to some more (MDB, JMS API), put perhaps not
just now ;-)

> You mention two open issues in your REQ:
> *  It is not possible to manipulate the runlevels in XmlBlaster to a 
> halt or stop,
>     since that will invoke System.exit which will take down the whole 
> JBoss server to
> This we are looking at already.
> * It is currently no possible to "hot-redeploy" the XmlBlaster ear by 
> copying
>    a new version over the old because XmlBlaster does not close all its
>    open sockes before it returns controll to the closing thread,
>    which means it will not be possible to restart all the drivers.
> This is a more complicated topic.
> Depending on the bugs in the used protocol drivers we can't close the 
> sockets.
>   - CORBA: If trying to shutdown JacORB, a reinitializing of the ORB fails.
>   - RMI: How to stop all those sockets and threads??
>   - XmlRpc: The Webserver does not shutdown properly.
> Only our SOCKET protocol driver is currently able to stop everything.
> If you only activate SOKET  'hot deploy' should work, can you confirm?

I will try to test next week. For me the orb is the most important
because of the POA and its good threading behaviour.

> regards,
> Marcel

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