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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] XPath filter

Peter Antman wrote:

I have written an XPath based I_Access filter. No rocket science, but
quite handy to have if you have many types of XML content beeing
published and.

1. Do not want to place the XML content in the key
2. Do not want all XPath queries beeing placed against all published

With it you may subsribe on an exact oid, and only messages with that
OID will be matched against the XPathFilter.

Do you want it in the XmlBlaster source tree? Now I have it in

(Its based on the Jaxen XPath engine, so three more jars has to be added
to XmlBlaster.


It is good idea to have an XPath content filter similar to the regex plugin.

The 3 additional jars - how big are they?
Should we stuff it into a "lib/mimeXpath" directory and specify
them to the plugin when loaded  like:


Is it possible to reuse the lib/ant/xalan.jar ??