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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] XPath filter

On 25 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Peter Antman wrote:
>>I have written an XPath based I_Access filter. No rocket science, but
>>quite handy to have if you have many types of XML content beeing
>>published and.
>>1. Do not want to place the XML content in the key
>>2. Do not want all XPath queries beeing placed against all published
>>   messages.
>>With it you may subsribe on an exact oid, and only messages with that
>>OID will be matched against the XPathFilter.
>>Do you want it in the XmlBlaster source tree? Now I have it in
>>(Its based on the Jaxen XPath engine, so three more jars has to be added
>>to XmlBlaster.
> It is  good idea to have an XPath content filter similar to the regex 
> plugin.
> The 3 additional jars - how big are they?

[pra at pra lib]$ ls -l xpath/
total 204
-rw-rw-r--    1 pra      pra        160967 Sep 25 10:10 jaxen-core.jar
-rw-rw-r--    1 pra      pra         13707 Sep 25 10:10 jaxen-dom.jar
-rw-rw-r--    1 pra      pra         23563 Sep 25 10:11 saxpath.jar

> Should we stuff it into a "lib/mimeXpath" directory and specify
> them to the plugin when loaded  like:
> MimeAccessPlugin[XPathFilter][1.0]=org.xmlBlaster.engine.mime.xpath.XPathFileter,classpath=mimeXpath/jaxen.jar:mimeXpath/xy.jar

I tried that when running the testsuite with only the new
TestXPathSubscribeFilter, but it did not work at all. Got a strange and
basically untracable Linkade exception on DocumentBuilderFactory, wich
is not even part of the new jar-files.

> Is it possible to reuse the lib/ant/xalan.jar ??


> Marcel

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