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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Involved XMLBlaster questions

Kelley Phillips wrote:

Thanks Michelle,

  Setting the JVM Xms and Xmx parameters helped, but my
memory footprint definitely seemed to be growing. I noticed
in an earlier (but fairly recent) post on the mailing list
the following:

>>2. How stable is any "current release". The memory footprint of the server
>>I downloaded three weeks ago certainly grew over time. This is probably in
>>part due to xmlblaster still being actively developed.
>The release 0.80 is broken for 'volatile' messages.
>All the rest is considered stable, and i don't believe we have a memory
>leak there.

Although Marcel stated the release 0.80 is broken.... isn't the current release 0.80?

That's right, currently as Marcel stated is correct. The release is stable with the exception of the "Volatile". The current code (the CVS code) has changed A LOT. The persistence framework is different. The work is under way and should be finished in some more days.

Would it be better to download more recent code from the CVS repository than use the current version available from the download section of the site?

Yes, particularly if you start now using xmlBlaster (even the client side changed considerably).

Also, I have a need in the project I'm researching this for to send messages in PtP mode and make them persistent (durable). I've managed to do this, but I haven't figured out how to erase them. The erase() method used on standard pub/sub messages doesn't seem to work for this.

Normally ptp messages which are delivered are removed from memory.
If I understand you right, you want to erase a Ptp message which is waiting to be delivered to the destination ? I think this is not solved in the new code either (would need a specific plugin i think). If on the other hand you want to delete a message which has been around too long you can set an expiry time (with forceErase='true') and that should do it.

Any help with any of these issues is appreciated!

-Kelley Phillips

By the way I adapted the files you sent me to make them run with the new CVS code and tested them to get the OutOfMemory exception with the default command line settings and I am not getting any out of memory (with file sizes of 6MB and 200 runs).

Regards Michele