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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: Slow connection to xmlBlaster via SOCKET connection

Raymond Mathers wrote:


I switched on as much logging as possible on xmlBlaster and then did some testing with connection speeds. The xmlBlaster is run as standard , the xmlblaster .properties is not altered.

Below shows two excerpts from logging. The first was my 'C' program and the second the HellowWorldSubscribe. I've highlighted the 5 - 6 second delay. In both cases it seems to be when running the htpasswd. I don't know what this is, I assume it verifies the user/password. I'm not a Java expert , only 'C' so I cannot see what this plugin does. Is it possible that it is not installed or running properly. Do I actually need this or could I disable it. Any help would be appreciated


sorry the delayed response, i was deep digged in C++ coding...

Add this to xmlBlaster.properties:


The first line allows the server to use the simple driver (which does no checks)
and the second tells your java clients to authenticate using this simple driver as a default.


java org.xmlBlaster.Main -cluster false -trace[auth] true

 java HelloWorld -trace[auth] true

to see it in action.

Does it help?




Raymond Mathers

This is from my 'C' program running on a different PC

[Feb 8, 2003 10:32:25 PM DUMP HandleClientRequest] Receiving message > 359**I**11*connect***<qos><securityService type="htpasswd" version="1.0"><![CDATA[<user>rt_comms</user><passwd>secret</passwd>]]></securityService><session name='scale' timeout='3600000' maxSessions='10' clearSessions='false'/><queue relating = 'callback' maxMsg='1000' maxMsgCache='1000'><callback type = 'SOCKET'></callback></queue></qos>**0*<
*[Feb 8, 2003 10:32:25 PM CALL SecurityPluginLoader.getClientPlugin] type=htpasswd version=1.0*
*[Feb 8, 2003 10:32:31 PM INFO *HandleClientRequest-rt_comms] Client accepted, coming from host=HOMEPC/ port=3024
This is from HelloWorldSubscrbe
[Feb 8, 2003 10:36:51 PM DUMP HandleClientRequest] Receiving message > 653**I**11*connect***
<securityService type="htpasswd" version="1.0"><![CDATA[
<session name='client/Administrator' timeout='86400000' maxSessions='10' clearSessions='false'/>
<queue relating='client' maxMsg='10000000' maxMsgCache='1000'>
<address type='SOCKET' hostname='' dispatchPlugin='undef'>
<queue relating='callback' maxMsg='1000' maxMsgCache='1000'>
<callback type='SOCKET' hostname='' dispatchPlugin='undef'>
*[Feb 8, 2003 10:36:51 PM CALL SecurityPluginLoader.getClientPlugin] type=htpasswd version=1.0*
*[Feb 8, 2003 10:36:56 PM INFO* HandleClientRequest-Administrator] Client accepted, coming from host=04459HOBDGNT/ port=1210