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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: Deadlock with PtP messages

Xavier Roques wrote:

Hi marcel,

I'm going to test and I will confirm you if it works.

Could you explain why did it happen ?

1. The publisher enters synchronized(topicHandler) and then wants to put the message into the queue and enters synchronized(callbackQueue)

2. The callbackWorker thread enters
to delete a just delivered message
this queue entry notifies the topic
that it is not needed anymore and enters

--> and here we have a classical deadlock !

This is resolved - now the publisher is
not in a synchronized(topicHandler) anymore
when it puts the message into the callback queue.

(Note: In pub/sub mode this was already correct implemented)

thanks for your help


Thanks for your quick answer


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Xavier Roques wrote:

>Hi Marcel, > >I attached the zipped log file, and a zip file containing the stack of >the two hang threads. > >I hope that it will help. >