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[xmlblaster-devel] PHP xpathQuery


It seems the xpathQuery variable was getting a backslash (\) added by form URL encoding so I added code to test for empty xpathQuery and if
not empty check for backslash, single quote (\') combination and replace
with single quote only... Not sure why it was this way in the first
place. Maybe the server once supported the following xpath syntax...

//key[starts-with( at oid, \'__sys__Logout\')]

Which was what it was getting in the past...

Anyway added more directions to the README file based on the extra
learning I had to do after reading it and trying to make things work.
Original left me wondering which port... (8080) and how come it won't log in to the server with default config... Cause no xmlBlaster.htpasswd
defined in config... and added some xpath examples.

At least now a newbie should be able to get some results out of the
PHP example within minutes rather than the hours that it took me if
that example is the first one he/she tackles.

I did run up a Java client and published and then found using the PHP form and xpath but I think once someone has got to the first stage of
being able to xpath //key they will be able to figure the rest easily.