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RE: [xmlblaster-devel] c++ test cases

>>If you run the tests individually you can choose if you want to run it
>>an embedded server (-embeddedServer true on the command line) or with
>>extern xmlBlaster.
>I have choosen to not run the embedded.
>>If you choose an external xmlBlaster, then you need to explicitly (and
>>shut down the server when the log of the testsuite tells you so. You must
>>also restart an xmlBlaster short thereafter (a log informs you on that).
>Exactly, the stdout instructions are clear.
>>If you choose to run it with the embedded server you must make sure you
>>don't have an external xmlBlaster running on the same host. The embedded
>>server will then stop and restart automatically and you should not get
>>In case you still get an assert could you please send the trace you get
>>and the configuration you used ? I tested with the constellation TAO+Linux
>>and I could not reproduce the error.
>I will get this to you today sometime. Though did you not use embedded?

Yes I am using embedded but I will also try the manuall alternative



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