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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] c++ test cases

Martin Johnson wrote:

Hi Marcel, Michele

Hi Martin,

I have been working with xmlBlaster client lib tonight. I have come up against a couple of things. Would it be a good idea to keep the copied Global.cpp around if cpp.debug is true. It makes easier to debug, normal behaviour is to delete it.

Ok, i have fixed this.

I have also had problems with test clients ( I know that it is a moving target, as I'm working out of cvs) Currently I'm working with TestFailsafe. It requires the server to be shut down. Fine, though the test case then falls over when nameserver query fails and assert is thrown, the code is not expecting the Nameservice query to fail.

I am intending to work progressivly through these examples over the next few
days so I could fix as they come up, I'm just letting you know if you want
to do something about sooner than that.

I notice that implementation is creeping into header files. All functions
are then inline and bloat the library.

I have just compiled the C++ client code on Windows, Linux and Solaris (with TAO, MICO and ORBIX)
and it runs fine here.
I would like to freeze this code and make an xmlBlaster release now.
Could you please open a branch for your C++ enhancements so the main
branch is for bug fixes only.
As soon as you have finished your work we merge it back to the main trunk.