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[xmlblaster-devel] New CVS development branches


as we have different tasks under construction
(by different maintainers) we decided to open
separate development branches.

Besides the main trunk, there are four development branches available:

TAG MAINTAINER HOWTO CHECKOUT / COMMENT =================================================================== <main> all cvs co -P xmlBlaster Bugfixes only

cpp_client   Martin Johnson    cvs co -P -r cpp_client xmlBlaster
                              C++ extensions

runlevel     Michele Laghi     cvs co -P -r runlevel xmlBlaster
                              Runlevel redesign for graceful
                              startup and shutdown

jmx_gui      Oliver Neubert    cvs co -P -r jmx_gui xmlBlaster
                              JMX integration (for later SWING GUI
                              which will be another branch)

client_queue Marcel Ruff       cvs co -P -r client_queue xmlBlaster
                              Replacing 'recorder implementation' by
                              new queuing framework

To check on which branch you are you can try:

 cd xmlBlaster
 cvs status -v CHANGES

and check if there is a sticky tag.

The branches shouldn't stay open too long
to avoid big merges.


Michele, Marcel