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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Pocket PC port

Melamed, Tom wrote:

Hello all,
Does anyone know of a port of the C++ xmlBlaster client to Windows CE,
specifically Pocket PC 2002? I'm currently trying to choose a good messaging
system for a big piece of software development in C++ that will include
clients on Win32, Linux, Pocket PC and eventually hopefully Symbian. While I
like the look of xmlBaster and the feature set looks perfect I do not have
the time at the moment to do a port from scratch and we need pocket PC to
work soon. I'm hoping to use the socket protocol, or whatever you recommend that is
light in memory, processor and external libraries. I'm also hoping to use
the expat xml parser as we need this for something else and it seems silly
to be using two xml parsers in one program, how easy is it to swap out one
parser for another? But these are the kind of things that I would probably
have time to look at later, if I could get a working version of the
xmlBlaster client on Pocket PC.

Unfortunately Pocket PC tends not to be the easiest platform to port to,
some of the main reasons are:

Pocket PC does not support exceptions at all
There does not seem to be a boost or omnithread version for Pocket PC
A lot of API calls from Win32 are different or missing in Pocket PC

Hi Tom,

i think you can't use our C++ client library, the C++ features we use are
too advanced. MSVC++ 7 older than Febr. 2003 won't even compile because
of buggy support of namespaces. The used CORBA is overkill in your case as well.

A SOCKET protocol implementation in C would be your solution.
I know of 3 implementations of this but nobody was willing to donate it
back to xmlBlaster :-(
I think the SOCKET C lib development needs to be on higher priority
as there is often asked for it.

You have two options:

1. Implement the SOCKET C lib
2. Use XmlRpc to connect, see xmlBlaster/demo/c/xmlrpc

The XmlRpc C code i had once running for a project but never tested
it again since then. Probably there are newer libs available now.

Using expat with C seems to be a good solution, in C++ we use xerces
but this is a no go in your case.

best regards