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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] pb with port already in use.

Gilles wrote:

Hello all

I am trying to move from 0.84 to 0.846. After a long time it looks ok, but I had possibly problems because some port needed by xmlBlaster was busy.

Is it possible to make sure there is a [VERY READABLE WARNING] on the stdio
if some protocol/sybsystem can not start due to port already in use?
An example of this is possibly the port 8080, which is used by xmlBlaster,
but also by other systems(web).

Problems which can be solved by configuration are categorized as WARN
severe internal problems are ERROR.
If you have an idea how to make certain WARN more visible than others
we could implement it. Note however that every user has different priorities
about what is important and what is not.

Note: I didn't find a extensive description of the default port in when a basic xmlBlaster start, is this ok?:

8080: ?
3412: IOR
2702: telnet console


 java org.xmlBlaster.Main -help

and the usage will tell you the default ports (and how to configure other ports to use).

8080: XmlRpc
1099: RMI
7607: SOCKET
3412: IOR
2702: telnet console
xxxx: JMX

Note that CORBA and RMI use some more dynamically chosen ports.
On UNIX/LINUX you can always check the used ports with

  lsof -i


 nmap -p 20-9000 <host>

best regards