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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] xmlBlaster as MDB in jboss

Hi Peter nice to ear from you,
I had a fast look at the sydsvenska homepage. Looks great. It would be great if you could spend a few minutes and put it as a reference into the wiki page (under who is using xmlBlaster)

Trevlig helg

Peter Antman wrote:
long time no see ;-)

I would guess that that particular examples does not work anymore, since
both the XmlBlaster API have changed, and perhaps some deployment stuff
in JBoss 3.0/3.2. But I do use the pattern described there (in
production), with an XmlBlaster from november last year in JBoss 3.0.

So, I do not know if something in later versions of XmlBlaster has
broken the JCA resource adapter, but I would guess not.

By the way, Instant News is now live, with a wonderfully performing
XmlBlaster under the hood: http://direkt.sydsvenskan.se

Unfortunately I have steped on a bugg in SubjectInfo (non sync on
iteration) that seems hard to fix, so I will probably have to do a new
integration round with the latest XmlBlaster. You will probably hear
from me the next couple of weeks ;-)


tor 2003-08-21 klockan 21.13 skrev Marcel Ruff:

Hi Peter Antman,

i just fell over your MDB desciption at


Is this still functional with a current xmlBlaster release?



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