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[xmlblaster-devel] Liberty Database Connectivity.


I figure I owe you all an update on Jdbc.

I have had to put things on hold for a while.
I been a hunting wabbit :)

Here is the story about my recent spam hunting activities.

MySQL support is incomplete and the work done to
support MySQL may have been in vain.

The abstraction layer I found recently and have subsequently tested
seems to be very promising.

Liberty Database Connectivity.


I did however run into one obstacle. The structure of xmlBlaster.
The existing Jdbc driver is tightly integrated with the whole server
and you can't just create a new driver called LdbcManagerCommonTable
and plug it in so to speak.

So I am stuck.

Suggestions to go forward most welcome.

A possible solution is to add the class file LdbcManagerCommonTable
which is a slightly modified JdbcManagerCommonTable to some contibuted directory that does not get compiled and simple instructions how to use
it. I.E. Copy to JdbcManagerCommonTable.java and set up config as follows.

Another solution is for a few developers to run it up, optimise and incorperate into the project.

Who would like to look at the raw changes I have made to make ldbc go?
Three files.

JdbcManagerCommonTable.java Modified for Ldbc.
ldbc-0.7.0.tar.gz Bug fixed source for ldbc.
xmlBlaster.properties My properties to run it up.

I have tested with MySQL, hsqldb and Postgres and it seems to create
the tables and use them OK although I think there are bugs.
I have not run any other tests. I am resource challenged at present
and my machines runs out of ram.