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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Liberty Database Connectivity.

OK, I now committed the changes. The only one who is using (and instantiating) the JdbcQueueManagerCommonTable is the JdbcQueueCommonTablePlugin so basically you could add your implementation as a new plugin.



Hmmm I need to take more care when posting to the list...

Thanks Michele...

You never cease to amaze me...

I have moved the Ldbc plugin to its own set of source files...
Basically most are just the same as the jdbc plugin.
With the exception of the changes in LdbcManagerCommonTable.

Mostly just global replace of Jdbc with Ldbc and copying of
PreparedQuery to LdbcPreparedQuery.

I just run it up with hsqldb without any errors.

I use jEdit's jDiff so the changes are all easily descernable.

I will start testing now and see what I uncover.