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[xmlblaster-devel] JBoss support/ClassLoaderFactory

I have done a first round of updates to the j2ee (JBoss) support that I
would like to commit. However, to get it to work I had to abstract the
way XMlBlaster handles the ClassLoaderFactory. 

Basically I have done this:
Made ClassLoaderFactory and intercace:

public interface ClassLoaderFactory {
   public void init(Global glob);
   public URLClassLoader getPluginClassLoader(PluginInfo pluginInfo)
throws XmlBlasterException;
   public URLClassLoader getXmlBlasterClassLoader() throws

Moved the old implementation to StandaloneClassLoaderFactory. Created an
aditional factory: ContextClassLoaderFactory, which used returnes the
context class loader.

Which factory to use is now configurable with the property
classLoaderFactory. Here's the new method in Global:

public ClassLoaderFactory getClassLoaderFactory() {
      boolean useXmlBlasterClassloader =
getProperty().get("useXmlBlasterClassloader", true);
      if (useXmlBlasterClassloader == false) return null;

      synchronized (ClassLoaderFactory.class) {
         if (classLoaderFactory == null) {
            String clf =
            if ( clf != null) {
               try {
                  Class clfc =
                  classLoaderFactory =
                  return classLoaderFactory;
               } catch (Exception e) {
                  log.warn(ME,"Could not load custom classLoaderFactory
" + clf + " using StandaloneClassLoaderFactory");
               } // end of try-catch
            } // end of if ()
            classLoaderFactory = new StandaloneClassLoaderFactory(this);
      return classLoaderFactory;

Basically I am wondering if this is an ok change to check in, or if you
would like it done in a different way?

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