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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] LOCAL not working?

Peter Antman wrote:
I did a commit of my changes; hope that was ok. There is a test of the
LOCAL protocol (and GlobaUtil) in
org.xmlBlaster.test.client.TestLocalProtocol. However I am not sure if
it is included in when running the complete suite. I am not even sure it
will even work inside that, since it starts an embedded XmlBlaster

Ok, i have added it,



By the way, debugging Jacorb is really hard. Including some debug stuff makes the bug disappear or become more seldom.

I do have some traces which points in the direction that the waiting
thread will be awakened without any reply being received. Which part of
Jacorb that does this, or why no reply ever get received for these cases
I have not been able to find out.


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