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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] c socket lib

Martin Johnson wrote:

The C-library has a free() wrapper which support this:

Dll_Export void xmlBlasterFree(char *p)
  if (p != (char *)0) {

Great, its just that the socket samples need to use it.

OK, i have changed the samples.

> Could I also suggest additional apis for the lib that return only key,
content and qos elements
xml elements. I have added these to my install though again I could be
behind the times. You could suggest a better method for me.

I don't understand your goal here, could you please provide a detailed code snippet?

The data
returned through update() is not parsible as a doc. Background is I am
publishing xml docs from our db and wanting to sax parse as they arrive at
sub, good to avoid preprocessing and just give to xerces etc.

I don't understand this either, could you please send an example?

best regards


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