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RE: [xmlblaster-devel] c socket lib

Hi Marcel

Apologies for not being clear.

correct me if I'm wrong messageContentToXml() will returns to me

<key oid='etc ...' />

<content size= ....

<![CDATA content (which is xml doc for me in this case)...



I was wanting to pass this to xerces for a sax parse to make life easier for
me with the document I'm recv'ing as a publisher.

I will recv a parse error for the above as the parse ends at </key>.

So I would like to see either expansion of api to include functions like.

messageContentToXml renamed to messageToXml (or something like that)

and alternatives for the individual elements.

messageKeyToXml()     returning <key>...</key>
messageContentToXml() returning <content>...</content>
messageQosToXml()     returning <qos>...</qos>

each returning the relevant subset of the messageContentToXml() function.


All three are wrapped up in <message>...</message> or similar.