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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] PublishOneWay in C SOCKET client

Michal Masa wrote:
Hi Marcel,

It looks like you made a whole bunch of changes besides the repair of
PublishOneWay :)
Just one question: in function shutdownCallbackServer(...) and
closeAcceptSocket(...) in CallbackServerUnparsed.c there is a statement

if (!cb->reusingConnectionSocket) {
    return; /* not our duty, we only have borrowed the socket from the
client side connection */

Shouldn't it be

if (cb->reusingConnectionSocket) {

should it? (But may be that this time I am really missing something ;-)
Hi Michal,

you are right again, the fix is available via cvs,



Regards, Michal

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Subject: Re: [xmlblaster-devel] PublishOneWay in C SOCKET client

Michal Masa wrote:


It seems to me that xmlBlasterPublishOneway(...) function in
XmlBlasterConnectionUnparsed.c works like regular Publish since it calls

sendData(xb, XMLBLASTER_PUBLISH, ...

instead of


am I missing something?


Hi Michal,

you are right, this is fixed now.
Please check out the current cvs.

Thanks for reporting

best regards,


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