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[xmlblaster-devel] Why do xml-rpc sessions w/ callbacks time out?

I'm using a modified pyBlaster to execute a long-running process with callbacks.

I've added code to the callback component of pyblaster to notice if it has not received a ping 
in 5 minutes to then attempt to login again.

But, from examining the xmlBlaster logging output, it seems to deactive the client-side of the 
xml-rpc session after inactivity, even though the callback associated with that client *was* 
answering ping requests.

Perhaps I'm reading the log output incorrectly.

Can anyone confirm this?

If an xml-rpc client has a callback URL associated with it, and if that callback continues to 
answer ping requests, should the client handle timeout due to inactivity? I think it should not.

How do I change the idle timeout for xml-rpc clients? Can it be done on the client handle, or 
do I need to change a configuration file entry somewhere?


It seems that my auto-relogin code isn't quite working, I suspect that when an xml-rpc client 
logs in with a callback URL, that callback URL is tested during the login process, before 
login returns.  Is that true?

If that's the case, I'll have to spawn the relogin process into a new thread, because I'm 
calling login from the thread that handles the callback, so it can't answer right away. It seems 
to hang.

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