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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Why do xml-rpc sessions w/ callbacks time out?

On 18 Aug 2004 at 20:49, Marcel Ruff wrote:

> I don't know if it is the best default behavior, these are the supported
> cases:
> 1. The session timeout times out (configured with connect QoS):
>     -> The client is disconnected and resources are reclaimed
>     (Client activity respans the timer)

And when this happens, the callback is also removed? I think I've seen that in the logs. 

> In your case set connect QoS to:
>    ...
>    <session timeout='0'.../>
>    <queue relating='callback'>
>       <callback type='XMLRPC' retries='0'>
>       ...
> now your client needs no activity and if the client ever
> fails the session is destroyed and server side resources are reclaimed. No
> 'pump' needed.

So, session/ at timeout = 0 keeps the client side from timing out.

What does the callback/ at retries do? 

I note that neither of these can be set by the current pyBlaster login call, though that's easy 
enough to fix.

> The features are there, it's the question what is the default
> behavior, and the answer is difficult and arbitrary.
> We could add a refresh on each successful callback ping but
> this would lead to one more configuration parameter without
> gaining new functionality.

I understand. Thanks for the clarification. 

One suggestion.. As a new user who had to get xmlBlaster up and running quickly, I found it 
rather frustrating trying to find all the possible sub-elements  of QoS.

They're rather scattered about, I suppose where the belong, but it would be very helpful to 
also have a list that describes all possible QoS sub-elements and their meanings.

I've put together a number of Python utility modules for Key and QoS generation, and I 
wanted them to be rather generalized (when possible). It took a while to find what I thought 
were all the possible QoS sub-elements, but you've just told me some more!

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