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On November 15.-17. 2004 there will be the IST Event 2004 in The Hague Holland:

    !!! X M L B L A S T E R   W I L L   B E  T H E R E !!!!

In fact we have initiated a Networking Session with the Thema:

"Embedded devices or large systems.Open Source solves your projects middleware needs."

The emphasis will be on event driven middleware. We also have set up a homepage at http://www.edis.name where some visions and ideas will be presented.

For the session to be finally confirmed it is important to show to the jury that there is an interest on this thema. The best way to show that is to register to the session. It can be done at:


Unfortunately the partecipation at the event costs money (A pity especially for us from the open source community). It is free in some cases (for example students journalists). More details about it at:


If you don't plan to visit the event but still are interested in the session you can register as a passive member (please do that), which is for free. You will then be informed about what's going on.

If you know people who could be interested don't hesitate to inform them about this.

Cheers to everyone and see you in The Hague !!!

Marcel and Michele

-- Michele Laghi mailto:laghi at swissinfo.org tel. +46 8 7492952 / mob. +46 70 4103964 http://www.xmlBlaster.org http://www.edis.name