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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] about C# and xml-rpc

Cyrille Giquello wrote:


For da moment, all pages for C# are about ActiveX and the java bridge.
I'm just writing a C# client using xml-rpc.

So it will need some changes on doc architecture to be like the Python stuff.

*** demo folder :

I think this demo will go in folder demo/C#/xml-rpc
and we perhaps should add a folder demo/C#/activex where we put a README file which say to have a look at folder demo/activex.

*** requirement and feature matrix :

In page http://xmlblaster.net/FeatureMatrix.html the link to C# points to doc/requirements/client.activex.html.
We perhaps have to make a page doc/requirements/client.C#.html which will contains some links to pages doc/requirements/client.activex.html and doc/requirements/client.C#.xmlrpc.html. In futur, there will be other C# client like soap, socket, email and sowhat ...

Isn't it ?

Beautiful. But please name the directory 'xmlrpc' instead of 'xml-rpc' as we have done so on other places as well.