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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] SystemInfo J2me application on pocket pc

Hi Abbey Adeyeye,
I fixed two potetial problems in readLine and committed in the current
svn. Unfortunately I am currently not able to reproduce the error. Could
you please check if the error is gone ?


abbey adeyeye wrote:
> Hello,
> I've managed get your SystemInfo app working fine on  j2me emulator but
> when I try to run it on a PPC device using WLAN, it does not seem to
> work. The log on the servlet webserver shows that the j2me app is
> sending a request to the server once with
> "actionType=dummyToCreateASessionId" but does not connect again to the
> server with the "actionType=connect" request  as is the case when the
> application is run on an emulator.
> I've managed to trace the bug down to the method postRequest() in
> XmlBlasterAccessRawBase class, it occurs in this line:-
> while ((line = dataInput.readLine()) != null)
> And the problem is with dataInput.readLine().
> The Exception that is thrown is a NegativeArraySizeException, any help
> on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks Abbey Adeyeye