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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] about publish key (find a BUG)

Hello gys,

I think I've found a bug.

Few days ago, I've posted mails with subject "about publish key".
It was because when posting simple message with a well defined key oid, xmlBlaster create the message with a generated oid, not with my original oid.

Now I've find how to reproduce that.

Just publish that 3 messages :

<key oid="toto"><version maj="1"/></key>

<key oid="toto"><version="2"/></key>

<key oid="toto"><version maj="3"/></key>

You've notice that the second message has an error in the xml's key.
Publish it with the error.
Then all next publish will loos their key oid !!

If you can't reproduce it with that information, tell me, I'll make a script with xmlBlaster java client to be finest in the case description.


Marcel Ruff wrote:

Cyrille Giquello wrote:


I don't understand the <key oid="" /> ...

I'm publishing a message with a publish key like :
<key oid="demo.csharp.drawing" contentMime=\"text/xml\" >

The message is well published, but if I look at xmlBlaster it has stored the message with a key computed oid and it has lost mine !
After publishing the key is :
<key oid='xmlBlaster_192_168_0_151_3412-1131741942532000000' />

XmlBlaster only creates a generated oid if you don't provide one.
Are you sure that
  <key oid="demo.csharp.drawing" contentMime=\"text/xml\" >...
arrives at the server?


So, I've lost the string "demo.csharp.drawing" ... And all the sub nodes are lost to.

I read doc (requirements/engine.message.html and other) and it seems that the oid can be set by the sender for futur use.
Perhaps I've miss something ?

Thanks for help !