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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] about publish key (find a BUG)

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Hello gys,

I think I've found a bug.

Few days ago, I've posted mails with subject "about publish key".
It was because when posting simple message with a well defined key oid, xmlBlaster create the message with a generated oid, not with my original oid.

Now I've find how to reproduce that.

Just publish that 3 messages :

<key oid="toto"><version maj="1"/></key>

<key oid="toto"><version="2"/></key>

<key oid="toto"><version maj="3"/></key>

You've notice that the second message has an error in the xml's key.
Publish it with the error.
Then all next publish will loos their key oid !!

Hi Cyrille,

indeed - this is a bug.
It never occurred in our test environment as the client library (java and c++)
caught illegal XML already.
But coming with your raw, illegal XML from flash or C# the bug occurred and
left the server side SAX parser in an inconsistent state.
It is fixed now, thanks for reporting,