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RE: [xmlblaster-devel] Master/Slave Master Restart

Unfortunately from what I can tell, it does not seem to matter.  At first it wasn't persistent, but then I changed the subscription to be persistent and I still don't get updates after a master restart unless I restart the client
that is subscribed to the master domain through the slave. 

However if an erase is sent during the disconnect time, the slave never gets the erase and the messages are left in the slave db for that topic.  This is true even after I have restarted the client.  I have tried the erase with both ForceDestroy true and false with the same results each time.

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Jonathan Clark wrote:
> Marcel,
> One other thing that I am noticing. I have a slave connected to the 
> master for a domain and a client connected to the slave subscribing to 
> the masterâs domain.
> If the master gets restarted, my client does not get any more messages 
> on the master domain until I restart the slave. The slave reconnects 
> to the master
> before the restart with the following message: âXmlBlaster.PingTimer 
> ClusterNode-/node/ecc/] Connected to ecc, no backup messages to flushâ 
> ; however, I
> never get any more of the master domain messages. When I restart the 
> slave, master messages appear that were generated well before the 
> slave restart.
> Is there a configuration item that would govern the reconnect? Any 
> other thoughts?
Is this a persistent subscribe?

> Jonathan Clark
> Open Roads Consulting, Inc.
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