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RE: [xmlblaster-devel] Master/Slave Master Restart

As a follow-up to my previous message, I am testing by this starting a topic
and then breaking my connection between the master and the slave while the client is still connected to the slave but subscribed to the master domain.
If I make changes to the topic on the master while the connection is broken when I reconnect I don't get the updates that were processed by the master while the connection was broken.

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Jonathan Clark wrote:
> Marcel,
> One other thing that I am noticing. I have a slave connected to the 
> master for a domain and a client connected to the slave subscribing to 
> the masterâs domain.
> If the master gets restarted, my client does not get any more messages 
> on the master domain until I restart the slave. The slave reconnects 
> to the master
> before the restart with the following message: âXmlBlaster.PingTimer 
> ClusterNode-/node/ecc/] Connected to ecc, no backup messages to flushâ 
> ; however, I
> never get any more of the master domain messages. When I restart the 
> slave, master messages appear that were generated well before the 
> slave restart.
> Is there a configuration item that would govern the reconnect? Any 
> other thoughts?
Is this a persistent subscribe?

> Jonathan Clark
> Open Roads Consulting, Inc.
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