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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Get connection states of connected nodes...

Matthew Sargent wrote:

Thanks! I will play with it! It looks like it will work. We do not yet run
under Java 5, so I guess I will need to move there to support the JMX
Hmm, operations like

  j org.xmlBlaster:nodeClass=node,node="frodo"/action=usage

works fine with JDK1.4 (calls correctly the usage() method) but not the getters, no clue yet ...

On the other hand the command you need works with a message oid

   "__cmd:client/sam/session/1/?connectionState "

over your SSL, so for your case you have the solution already with JDK 1.4


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in the current SVN there it is now possible to invoke JMX commands from
the server command line:

   java -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote org.xmlBlaster.Main
   j <JMX call>  For example 'j

if you wish you can play interactively with this feature.
If the JMX possibilities are enough for you, we could add this
to be available with command messages (over your SSL connection) as well.

 Your query is something like:


and returned is "ALIVE" or "POLLING" depending on sam's availability,