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[xmlblaster-devel] Service inteface

Hi All,

First, Thank you all for this great piece of code!

We are using XB in one of our project for about 2 years now, pretty
successfully. During the development we came across the need for an
extensible service framework, similar to the filter mechanism
implemented, to allow arbitrary handlers of synchronous gets. This
service interface is used to direct synchronous gets to a Plugin
specified in a QuerySpecQoS. It is triggered whenever the key OID is
'_query', hardcoded for the time being like others well-know OIDs. The
plugin is a standard I_Plugin, I_Query implementation. To achieve this,
we patched the RequestBroker and implement a QueryPluginManager class
which is basically a lighter version of AccessPluginManager with a much
simpler logic. The QueryPluginManager is responsible to get/load plugins
as well as maintaining a query plugins cache. As we are doing this for
quite a while now and had to follow up integrating this hack for each
new XB release I am wondering if this contribution is of interest, and,
if yes, how to proceed to integrate this change into the main devel
stream ?


Christian Chevalley

Austco Communications
Phone: +61 8 9244 4499
Fax:   +61 8 9244 4727