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[xmlblaster-devel] HistoryQos with sSQL92 subscrition filters


We're currently using xmlBlaster for a couple of ongoing I&D projects.

We had the need to create the concept of sessions with our own login procedures.

Basically after connecting to the server another login command is issued to our SessionManager.

After login all messages published by a client are using our on sessionID as oid and the topic is now a clientProperty.

Clients subscribe to differente topics using sql92 filters transparently.

I'd like to know if the HistoryQos set when subscribing to a given topic takes filters into account or does it only get N messages under the specified oid with no filtering?

Another question is regarding zlib:stream compression. We're creating a sort of VNC using xmlBlaster and started a SOCKET plugin with zlib compression.

Does the server have to unzip the message before distributing it to clients ? Even if all of them are using zlib?

Thanks for you support.

Keep up the good work :)


   Nelson Silva