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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] HistoryQos with sSQL92 subscrition filters

Nelson Silva wrote:

First of all thank you for your prompt reply :D

I first intended to extend your authentication plugins, still as i'm not yet sure it will run in the same machine as the xmlBlaster server i chose to implement it as a client .. as soon as it's finnished i'll lokk into that.

Regarding the history i'm aware that it is possible to filter history messages the problem is that what i'd like to have is a way to ask the server for the N history messages that comply with a given filter.

What would happen if you first published 5 messages with OiOi then 5 with Hello, and the subscribe with the filter with history=5 ?! would you get the 5 messages with the OiOi content or with it simply return null since in the last 5 history messages there was none with OiOi as content ?
Yes, no OiOi.
You would need to set the history=1000000 and than filter.
If you want to limit the amount of messages matching your filter you would need to extend
xmlBlaster with such a flag (we would take this extension into our distribution)