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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] How do I get rid of QueuePropertyBase.checkConsistency

Hi Matt,
its difficult to say what is wrong but my guess is that something is
still wrong in your configuration or you have some persistent stuff from
previous runs.

Please make sure that you have in your ${HOME}/xmlBlaster.properties
file the following:
queue/history/maxEntriesCache = 10
queue/history/maxEntries = ${queue/history/maxEntriesCache}

(and only one time)

delete in your temp directory (on *nix ${HOME}/tmp/) all xmlBlaster* and
client* files (this way you make sure you don't have old stuff around)

make sure the xmlBlaster.properties file you checked on a) is the one
which is used. If you are unsure try to start the xmlBlaster with:

java org.xmlBlaster.Main -queue/history/maxEntriesCache 10\
-queue/history/maxEntries 10

(all in one line)

And if this does not help please send to me directly your configuration
file (xmlBlaster.properties) and a log file (possibly with -logging FINE).


Matthew Sargent wrote:
> I keep getting the following message, and I think I have configured things correctly, but I still get it. Can anyone help?
> [org.xmlBlaster.util.qos.storage.QueuePropertyBase.checkConsistency] history maxEntriesCache=10 is bigger than maxEntries=0, we reduce maxEntriesCache to maxEntries and continue.
> Matt