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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] How do I get rid of QueuePropertyBase.checkConsistency

OK, I checked my .properties file and it had the correct settings, so I
looked in my code to publish and I removed this code:messages:

            HistoryQueueProperty prop = new HistoryQueueProperty(this.glob,

and now the log says (which I assume is good):

INFO | jvm 1 | 2006/05/31 12:42:53 | May 31, 2006 12:42:52 PM INFO
21-XmlBlaster.SOCKET.tcpListener-Cad2Cap org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler
administrativeInitialize: New topic is ready, history/maxEntries=10,

I am concerned however, that 10 history entries is not enough, will I still
be able to publish up to 100 messages on a topic?


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From: "Michele Laghi" <michele at laghi.eu>
To: <xmlblaster-devel at server.xmlBlaster.org>
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 6:02 PM
Subject: Re: [xmlblaster-devel] How do I get rid of

> Hi Matt,
> its difficult to say what is wrong but my guess is that something is
> still wrong in your configuration or you have some persistent stuff from
> previous runs.
> Please make sure that you have in your ${HOME}/xmlBlaster.properties
> file the following:
> a)
> queue/history/maxEntriesCache = 10
> queue/history/maxEntries = ${queue/history/maxEntriesCache}
> (and only one time)
> b)
> delete in your temp directory (on *nix ${HOME}/tmp/) all xmlBlaster* and
> client* files (this way you make sure you don't have old stuff around)
> c)
> make sure the xmlBlaster.properties file you checked on a) is the one
> which is used. If you are unsure try to start the xmlBlaster with:
> java org.xmlBlaster.Main -queue/history/maxEntriesCache 10\
> -queue/history/maxEntries 10
> (all in one line)
> And if this does not help please send to me directly your configuration
> file (xmlBlaster.properties) and a log file (possibly with -logging FINE).
> Regards
> Michele
> Matthew Sargent wrote:
> > I keep getting the following message, and I think I have configured
things correctly, but I still get it. Can anyone help?
> >
> > [org.xmlBlaster.util.qos.storage.QueuePropertyBase.checkConsistency]
history maxEntriesCache=10 is bigger than maxEntries=0, we reduce
maxEntriesCache to maxEntries and continue.
> >
> > Matt