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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] How do I get rid of QueuePropertyBase.checkConsistency

Hi Matt,
great that you found the problem. Of course if you need more entries in
the history you can change this setting. The history queue however is
only used in case you want messages which have been published before you
subscribed (or before you invoked a get).

You can publish how many messages you want. The history queue will only
keep the last ones (up to what you specified as maximum).

Note that if you subscribed before a publish is made you can ignore the
history queue since your messages will be hold by your (session
dedicated) callback queue.


Matthew Sargent wrote:

> OK, I checked my .properties file and it had the correct settings, so I
> looked in my code to publish and I removed this code:messages:
>             HistoryQueueProperty prop = new HistoryQueueProperty(this.glob,
> null);
>             prop.setMaxEntries(1000);
>             topicProperty.setHistoryQueueProperty(prop);
> and now the log says (which I assume is good):
> INFO | jvm 1 | 2006/05/31 12:42:53 | May 31, 2006 12:42:52 PM INFO
> 21-XmlBlaster.SOCKET.tcpListener-Cad2Cap org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler
> administrativeInitialize: New topic is ready, history/maxEntries=10,
> persistence/msgUnitStore/maxEntries=100000000
> I am concerned however, that 10 history entries is not enough, will I still
> be able to publish up to 100 messages on a topic?
> Matt
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> From: "Michele Laghi" <michele at laghi.eu>
> To: <xmlblaster-devel at server.xmlBlaster.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 6:02 PM
> Subject: Re: [xmlblaster-devel] How do I get rid of
> QueuePropertyBase.checkConsistency
>> Hi Matt,
>> its difficult to say what is wrong but my guess is that something is
>> still wrong in your configuration or you have some persistent stuff from
>> previous runs.
>> Please make sure that you have in your ${HOME}/xmlBlaster.properties
>> file the following:
>> a)
>> queue/history/maxEntriesCache = 10
>> queue/history/maxEntries = ${queue/history/maxEntriesCache}
>> (and only one time)
>> b)
>> delete in your temp directory (on *nix ${HOME}/tmp/) all xmlBlaster* and
>> client* files (this way you make sure you don't have old stuff around)
>> c)
>> make sure the xmlBlaster.properties file you checked on a) is the one
>> which is used. If you are unsure try to start the xmlBlaster with:
>> java org.xmlBlaster.Main -queue/history/maxEntriesCache 10\
>> -queue/history/maxEntries 10
>> (all in one line)
>> And if this does not help please send to me directly your configuration
>> file (xmlBlaster.properties) and a log file (possibly with -logging FINE).
>> Regards
>> Michele
>> Matthew Sargent wrote:
>>> I keep getting the following message, and I think I have configured
> things correctly, but I still get it. Can anyone help?
>>> [org.xmlBlaster.util.qos.storage.QueuePropertyBase.checkConsistency]
> history maxEntriesCache=10 is bigger than maxEntries=0, we reduce
> maxEntriesCache to maxEntries and continue.
>>> Matt