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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] get, qos/history/ at numEntries=1 returns 2!

Brad Clements wrote:
Maybe I misunderstand how this is supposed to work but ..

my server publishes a message unit via xpath key with lifetime=60000

I really only want one such message to exist at any given time. The server keeps publishing the same message every 15 seconds or so, like a watchdog timer.

I can't find the publish qos setting that makes sure there's only one such message unit in xmlblaster at any given time.

The publishOneway Qos looks like this:

<qos><expiration lifeTime="60000" /></qos>

anyway, I'm hooking up a nagios script to check to see if this key exists, so I do a
A short note:
You can also make a little shell script for nagios and use internal http server, i have provided an example
setup here (you need the newest xmlBlaster to run it):
get, with this qos:

<history newestFirst="true" numEntries="1"/>

But I get back 2 entries every time, and they come back
oldest first, not newestFirst.
I have just tried it with our C client:
  Get -get/qos/historyNumUpdates 1
and it works fine here.

Also (the newest - as i have added the command line arguments now) HelloWorldGet does everything as expected:

java javaclients.HelloWorldGet -historyNumUpdates 2 -historyNewestFirst false

changing 2 -> 1 and/or false -> true looks fine here.

I'm still wondering why it fails at your place.


(that is, the one with the lowest remainingLife comes first)

1. What qos setting do I use to make sure there's only one message unit pending at any given time?

2. why is the history portion of the qos in the get request being ignored?