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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] FailSafe Problem...

Arghad Arnaout wrote:
Hallo Marcel:

I have one publisher and one subscriber, and xmlBlaster is running, I configured both publisher and subscriber to work in fail safe mode, I tried the following scenarios:
1- I disconnected the media --> Reconnect again --> everything back to work correctly
2- I shutdown the xmlBlaster --> start it again --> publisher reconnected successfully and re-started publishing messages, the subscriber reconnected successfully but the subscription is removed.
In the second case I tried to re-subscribe again in the method reachedAlive() in subscriber side, but when I did this I got two subscription and I received the messages twice

So how we can solve this problem??


Pls try to mark the subscription and session as 'persistent',
like this you will never loose anything.
If the subscriber is down the server will collect the messages
until it arrives again.
If the server is down as well the publisher will queue back.

Preventing duplicate subscribes in the client code can sometimes
be tricky, but xmlBlaster supports you with the


setting, see

regards Marcel