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[xmlblaster-devel] JTA compliance


I'm not using xmlBlaster for a while, but I never forget that great tool ;-)
For last projects where I would like to use it, some constraints has
made it out of selected technos :-(
Never mind, I do not write here about my life, you don't care about it ...

Seriously, I'm now looking about JTA/XA (Java Transaction API and XA
Distributed Transaction) and searching for out of J2EE Servers
implementations. Last year there is not much stuff. But today I found a lot.

I'm writing here because I think XmlBlaster should implements
transaction Resource Manager (XA Resource), like some others messaging
I do not know how it should be difficult to implements this future...

Here are some nice links I found (not for ResourceManage, but for
TransactionManager) :

General article about JTA wihtout J2EE server :

And to use JTA without a J2EE server we need a Transaction Manager :

*Simple JTA*
https://simple-jta.dev.java.net/ but it seems to be silencious, one
developper, not many paper ...

The *Bitronix* Transaction Manager (BTM) is a simple but complete
implementation of the JTA 1.0.1B API.

*Atomikos TransactionsEssentials* is a premium transaction manager for
automatic cancelation of problematic transactions, across disparate
datasources or back-end systems (apache license v2).

Perhaps you know about those stuff ? If you have a prefered one, tell me
about, I need to select one ;-)

I wish you a nice summer, and plenty of bug free code !