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Re: CORBA Messaging

> zxm wrote:
> Hi,
> Question1:who can tell me the difference
> between the CORBA Messaging and
> MOM?
> Question2:who can tell me the college or university
> which is studing MOM technology?
> thanks.
Have a look at

and click on
   "Internet Resources"

You find there many useful links about MOM.

The CORBA Messaging spec says
------------------- snippet ---------------------
2.3 Messaging Quality Of Service (QoS) Requirements
   Current CORBA specifications do not address the kinds of quality of
service (QoS) 
   features associated with messaging systems such as the typical
Message Oriented 
   Middleware (MOM) products.  These QoS features include: Delivery
Quality, Queue 
   Management and Message Priority.  Support for these features allows
   address a much larger problem domain than it is currently capable of
   These features enhance CORBA's level of reliability and scalability
as it applies to 
   enterprise-wide distributed computing.

   Although present in several MOM products, this specification does not
address support 
   for multicast.  The publish-subscribe paradigm is supported in the
CORBA Event 
   Service and Notification Service specifications.  Specific support
for ORB 
   interoperability based on multicast technology should be the subject
of a future RFP.
------------------- snippet ---------------------

CORBA Notification Service is related to MOM,
for example the NotifySubscribe and the NotifyPublish interfaces.
See http://www.omg.org/docs/orbos/98-01-01.pdf


Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de