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[Fwd: CORBA Messaging]

MOM is Asynchronous Middleware - it allows a sender to submit a message
delivery without waiting to reply from the receiver - in other words it
using a non blocking mechanism. MOM is very popular Middleware whenever
you need to do cross domain communication in which down time is
and messages needed to be queued for future delivery.

CORBA on the other hand (with the exception of the Event Channel) is
a blocking mechanism.  A sender is blocked till the receiver accepts the


A MOM sender submits a message into a message queue.  The message can
either be pulled or pushed out from the queue to the receiver. The
important thing to remember is that the sender can continue processing
regardless of the message delivery status.  This can also create some
issues with message synchronization and sequencing for multiple messages

belonging to the same logical transaction.

Some other very important differences are that CORBA is coming with a
framework of services such as IDL, Naming, Transaction, Security, etc.
MOM on the other hand deals primarily with guaranteed message delivery
message translation services.

Both ORB and MOM are essential Middleware types.  The separation between

the two of them will most likely disappear when Middleware vendors will
offer a combination of both (IONA, BEA Systems).

As a generalization, ORBs are more likely to be used when immediate
response time is required and you can allow using a blocking mechanism.
MOM is more likely to be used when you need to integrate with Legacy
systems and you anticipate a need to queue transaction due to downtime
part of the system.  The great thing about queued transactions is that
can present the client a 24 by 7 operation while in the back office you
can still bring systems down for maintenance.

The existing CORBA programming model is synchronous. OMG is working on
an asynchronous mode.

In CORBA, you are programming to the server object's
proxy. My point here is that CORBA allows the programmer to think in OO
terms in spite of the ditributed nature whereas MOM forces you to think
about the distributed nature and totally obscures the OO-ness.
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Question1:who can tell me the difference
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