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Re: How To Run ??? Help

chetan s ithal wrote:
> Hi ,
>        I just downloaded the XMLBlaster and built it but i am not able
> to run it . I am bit confused about its working . Please can anyone help
> me .
Just type:

    jaco org.xmlBlaster.Main

after installation (see xmlBlaster/INSTALL file).
'jaco' is in xmlBlaster/bin directory.

And run a client:

   jaco javaclients.ClientSub

>        Secondly , we want to replace our existing daemon service with
> XMLBlater . At present , we have several daemons around the server which
> caters different services but it seems that the present design is not
> scalable . So , we want to replace it with XMLBlaster . But how it can
> be used ?
Have a look in /xmlBlaster/testsuite/org/xmlBlaster directory
for Java examples how to use it.

The first step usually is to make a concept about your 'problem domain'.
You should describe your application communications with XML meta

For example a wind speed measrument device on an airport could send
out its current wind velocity (to xmlBlaster) every second with a
message like:

<key oid=''>
<airport id='London'>
   <runway id='1'>
      <windspeed id='south'>

The content of the message contains the current
speed e.g.

The air trafic controler GUI would then subscribe
to (XPATH query)

   //airport[ at id='London']//windspeed

messages to access all
windspeed informations on his airport, which he needs
to route the incomimg Boeing 747 savely to ground.

See again /xmlBlaster/testsuite/org/xmlBlaster and
/xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients for 
examples how to subscribe in xmlBlaster such messages.

As you can see, you need to proper describe you application
with xml, then half of the work is done :-)

regards Marcel

Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de