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feasibility study

Hi Marcel ,
            Thanks for explaining a real life example and also for
suggestions . I will try
to explain our present design and also need to change it .
            We are presently using a messaging server which provides all
basic functionalities
besides providing some user specific services . In our present design ,
we provide these
services using daemons . As soon as any user logs in , a message will be
sent to the daemon
automatically to inform that he is now connected . After that the daemon
will check/update
any information for that user till the user logs off.
e.g. we will have a daemon which will check the mails for a user after a
particular time interval
which is set by user and will send the recent mails to the user .
            Now the problem with this design is basically the problem of
messaging server .
We want to improve the scalability of the messaging server .For that we
want to shift all
our daemon services to the xmlblaster so that our messaging service will
have less load of
daemon processes .
              What we are planning is to use xmlblaster for the daemon
services . So instead
of sending a message through messaging server to daemon , we are
planning to send a message
through xmlblaster to the daemon and daemon will again send the
information to the user via
xmlbalster . So in our new design , we will have messaging server and
xmlbalster server as
separate entities and both will have well defined work(job) to do .
              What I want to ask is that is it possible to implement
such a thing in our
present structure ? We don't want to make any changes in the client side
. How viable it
will be ?

Thanks In Advance .

Regards ,
Chetan S. Ithal .