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Re: Performance?

> No, my chat application used plain RMI ;-) Actually, I got 18.000
> messages at peak (Athlon 650Mhz, 128Mb RAM).


With how many connected clients?  I am interested in how to build MOM
systems that can handle a large number of connected clients, each
generating few messages, but with many messages being "broadcasted" to a
large number of clients.

Most discussions of performance testing seem to center around a
relatively small number of clients (dozen, hundreds) generating a lot of
activity each.

(XML-blaster question: how well does it handling thousands of connected

(Java question: I know that various JVMs have issues with a large number
of connected sockets, deriving from the need to have a thread (or more)
for every one, in the current Java networking APIs.  How high could Java
reasonably go before this becomes a problem?)

> Riddle me this:
> On a particularly sunny and inspiring day you write not one but two
> letters of poetry to your lady friend. You put them both in the

To map this to my question, I would assume you are sending the letter to
thousands of lady friends :-)

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