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Re: Performance?

Hi guys,

>> > Riddle me this:
>> > On a particularly sunny and inspiring day you write not one but two
>> > letters of poetry to your lady friend. You put them both in the
>> mailbox,
>> To map this to my question, I would assume you are sending the letter to
>> thousands of lady friends :-)
>Good point. The basic thing to consider is "how can I get as many
>messages as possible to be sent at once?" If you can get it above 1 then
>you will see much better performance.

Ok, but wouldn't this be a different point of conditions of meassurement?
Do 400 messages/sec mean 400 _single_ messages/sec?

A burst mode would be 400 messages collected inbetween i.e. a second and
then send as one single message, this could happen, let's say 400 times a
second, this would bring 160.000 messages per second -> wow :-)
Is this fast enough?
Is this possible?

Marcel, yesterday, I thought:
Why don't you try a thousand different publisher and a single subscriber,
and of course on different mashines.
Just to bring better results ;-)
But as I read earlier, you tried vice versa.

Have fun