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Re: Performance?

> Ok, but wouldn't this be a different point of conditions of meassurement?
> Do 400 messages/sec mean 400 _single_ messages/sec?
> A burst mode would be 400 messages collected inbetween i.e. a second and
> then send as one single message, this could happen, let's say 400 times a
> second, this would bring 160.000 messages per second -> wow :-)
> Is this fast enough?
> Is this possible?
Ok, ok, i will provide a test case for this as well (on a future rainy
day :-)

> Marcel, yesterday, I thought:
> Why don't you try a thousand different publisher and a single subscriber,
> and of course on different mashines.
> Just to bring better results ;-)
> But as I read earlier, you tried vice versa.

Ok i have just added this test case as well (TestSubManyClients.java in 
the testsuite), got similar results as the former vice versa case.


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de