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Re: Problem in Installation

Ram wrote:
> I installed the "xmlBlaster version 0.79a".
> I am getting an error message when  start the "XMLBlaster" using the
> "Windows - Installation instructions".
> The errors shown are as follows
> 1) No value for sax.parser property (java.lang.NullPointerException) raised.

How do you start xmlBlaster?
I believe you use some other sax parser in you CLASSPATH.


   java -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar 

without any CLASSPATH set.
Do you have a stack trace?

> 2) "Warning" (Cannot access naming Service CorbaDriver.NoNameService).

You can ignore this.
xmlBlaster runs fine without a CORBA naming service.

If ou need one for some third party CORBA clients,
just start a naming service (as described in the
INSTALL file). XmlBlaster will detect it and register itself.

> 3) Main: id=Driver.Noinit reason=Initializing of driver Jdbc driver failed
> (Error while sax parsing)

I have no clue what this could be (related to 1. ??)

> I am not able to use the "jaco" script file also because
> "java.lang.NullPointerException" raised.

You don't need jaco anymore.
We will remove it in future versions.

> I have JDk1.3 installed.
>  I have copied the orb.properties file to "jdk_home\jre\lib\" directory.
>  I created the xmlBlaster.properties and jacorb.properties file from the
> "xmlBlaster_home\config" direcory and copied the same to "xmlBlaster_home"
> directory.

Put those two files in your HOME directory or in your current directory.

XmlBlaster should run without those as well, as it uses
nice default values if the property files are missing.

Good luck,

Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de